Perfect Pancake according to skin tone







Mekaape heavy pancake decoration essential. The inequality of the skin, such as various types of defect blemisa, acne scars, and pancakes are used to cover the hole.

If you know about the pancake skin color can match the shade of choice. There are many companies on the market 1 to 30 pancakes shade. In addition, from white to pink, green, yellow, asphalt, black, Orange can be found at the pancake over and shades. Dark shades are some of the names that can be used along with skin color shade around. The pancake is oil-based.

The correct method to use the pancake
* Master Pancake in hand. It would also be useful to you what shade pancake.
* Apply moisturizer to clean the skin before using the pancake.
* Skin moisturizers to be set for 25 minutes, then use a pancake. Pancake puff sponge soaked in water to use. If you are like most of the ice-cold water, the skin makeup will last longer.
* Sponge soaked in water with a wet sponge excess water into the chip pancakes with (that shade you need to put together a sponge) will apply equally to the entire face. Apply thick layers once the light is applied and before each puff of water spray to the face, it will be the same everywhere.
* Practice is required to blend evenly pancake. Pancake be set to 10 to 15 minutes. After this period has been given to understand that you can not do, and how much better color matching.
* Often the facial makeup is a bit yellowish. This is because after the yellow pancake fitted. In this case, 23ti pancake mix and put it at the time of planting spanje yellow pancake.
* Two sides of the nose, cheek bones, thumtani, chin, etc. Dark shades can be used to cover parts of the lap. However, not directly, tailored to your specific shade match.

No sedati for you?
* If the color is too bright, if you number 1 in both shade and shade mixed iyelo tinker. Remember, spanje yellow pancake twice before, twice the number 1, then put it in the face.
* If you’re clean, then two, three yellow-shade 3 or 4, and mixed use.
* 5 the number of owners and yellow bright brown pancakes mixed with small amounts use the number 3.
* 3 The number of the brown and yellow pancakes you can use, but if you want absolutely neutral base, but the number 8 and can be used in mixed shades of yellow.
* Whose skin color is black, and 8, 30, and three shades mixed with yellow-and put them in the face.
* Unless you want sedati sedagulo white and pink can use a little mixed.

Style pancakes
As a form of plastic or tin cake pan pancake makeup is available. Water mixed with water can be used simply because it is based. When mixed with water used to be set, but takes the form of a fairly waterproof mekaape.
Some tips to follow
* To clean up the baby oil or oil-based pancake klinajara works well. Oil acne cleanser to wash well with warm water after a shower can recover, then it is clear makeup and hair to stick around.
* This kind of heavy makeup can make your skin dry, so if you can take care of the event the next day, excess skin.
* Pancake after buying it on the jaw did not see skin color and looks great with andaratonera.
* Married, wearing yellow or other big festivals heavy pancake makeup is used, if necessary. So, whether buying or hot water and moisture resistant how effective, need to take a look at how stability.
* Finally, after a lot of heavy pancake makeup poragulo mouth shut. Acne occurs as a result. Therefore, before using the pancake ice and toner use.

Gratitude: Razia Sultana (rupabisesajna, Razia Dreams Hair and Beauty Corner)