Photo of Bank Employee Mother Shakes The Social Media

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A picture posted by a woman bank employee, Swati Chitalkar, of her feverish son lying on the floor while she attended to official duties has become a heart-wrenching symbol of the working mothers’ plight in our country.

“It’s not a baby on a floor, it’s my heart on the floor,” she posted below the photo, saying that this was the only way she could ‘mind’ both her duties.

She also said that her intention behind posting the photo was to convey the message to ministers, who ‘sleep’ in the assembly.

That post by a little-known woman in Pune has gone viral, calling to attention the huge responsibilities of the working mothers who are burdened with the task of handling a household, attending to their children’s needs and executing the official work with precision. Phew!

She at no time is expected to slack in any of her duties, running through her tasks effectively, all along being the ultimate symbol of love and caring. And for her efforts, she is rewarded with the tag of ‘superwoman’, which only means more tasks to juggle.

All this in a country, where men, especially those in power, get to sleep their way through duties and still be heralded as the ‘hero’. A look at some of our ‘sleeping politicians’ even while enjoying the perks of power.

Pinarayi Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan caught sleeping during a function. File photo
The photo posted on the August 16 has already got nearly 4,000 shares and over 50 comments.

Swati found support through her post with another woman lauding her courage to carry out official and personal duties.

Swati has been taken by surprise with all the support she is getting on the social platform. Even while thanking her well-wishers, she requested everyone to raise their voice to win their rights.