Pohela Boishakh Morning & Evening Make-up Tips


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Like the first day of the new Bengali year on maneramato harness and plugged beliphulera necklace. Many have been worried about the intense heat and sweat thinking about the trappings of the day. After the sentencing, if you lose sweating meikaapa the ground all the joy of the festival.

The day would be facing the light. Shivani De Aroma therapist advised on.
He said, “Bengali New Year to welcome the souls of the fair, giving priority to the red-and-white garb turn. Panta fish, red and white gold, and redesigning itself as panjabite everyone. Make yourself more beautiful with gold and the preferred dress is a bit more like myself. ”

Day meikaapa
Shivani de the day and evening programs will be different meikaapa.
“The festival is a harness-dress touched banaliyanara. As the morning sun will be sajata bland. The very patchy dark makeup. And because of the heat will be facing water proof. Do not sweat the harness is damaged. ”
In the light of the day garb choosing meikaapa suggested De Shivani.
If you want to rub ice on your face can be cleaned well. Then, of course, will have to rub sunscreen. Matt waited a while a small amount of foundation to the entire face and blend well. Sunscreens featuring moisturizing ingredients that will take over the face with powder, the Foundation will be set as well.
Interfacing with the eye shadow color should be attached. Shadow Matt would look like dressed-day use. It should be noted shadows blend each shade is better.

On this day a little thick, painted or heat can be used to drag. Color pencil, painted in harmony with the different colors of the clothing has become quite popular. If you want to paint different colors can be used. However, keep in mind that paint is not awkward.

Finally, the end of the harness to be eye with light Masakara. And of course, water-proof and heat can be used Masakara.

Before applying lipstick with a lip liner first leap the same color of lipstick filled with beautiful drawing will take.

Hair style will depend on the garment. With Gold bun aside the hair that it can be more involved in beliphulera necklace. They have long hair are long beni garlands around the belly can. Hair clips are small, they can put flowers in the hair stopped.

Salwar kameez can be left with the hair straight or curl. If you want the bun, beni or style, etc. can be paniteila. Can be added with garlands.
Tip of the forehead, hands, filling glass bangles, neck beads necklace, aksidaija, Payal wearing pearls and light on his feet harness Baishaki be perfect.

Evening makeup
Rub a little snow at the beginning of the evening will take meikaapera. Foundation through the mouth, throat, neck Blend well mixed with excess facial concealers can be used to cover the defect. The Foundation will be putting the pheisapaudara.

Interfacing with the eye color to apply eye shadow. Dark eyes, fits easily meikaapa night. Clothes are stained or different color Eye Shadow contrast with the blue, green, golden or silvery color that can be used to heat. Paparite thick coat of mascara that can be affixed. Meikaapa dark eyes, the natural, brown, peach or pink color lipstick plant will like.

On her cheek a little blasa chickweed can be affixed. Again it will be well blended. According to the head size can be small or large tip wear.

Harnesses can be in harmony with the hair tie. If you want to keep up the iron, blodai, spiral, etc. can be styled. If the length of the hair bun beni or may be of different flowers.
Neck, wearing large earrings will do anything without reading. He was wearing a hand full of bangles of different colors.