Porimoni praises Apu Bishwas

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Apu confesses Parumoni This actress has filled her heart with a verse in Apu Biswas. Coming the Eid Apu Biswas-Shakib Khan’s Politics Picture is being released. This is the statement of Parimani centered around this picture. Apu, where he also completed the queen of the film.

In the post of Social Media, Eli wrote, Apu Biswas, Queen of Bengali film I have no idea how to write about you. Your creative way, I have a great inspiration. Your transparent turnover, I have a strong morale And your tender heart, the mirror of the existence of hundreds of women.

In the post in the prophetic poem, wrote that in the morning, you were in Bengali film world. Since then there is a golden morning in your world.

Uninterrupted merchandise has given us a series of successes and films. Your biggest gift for cinemakers was a beautiful perfect pair.

Calling everyone to see the pictures of Apui Biswas, Parimoni said, “Now this politics of this couple I have seen the Teaser of every photo coming to Eid with politics. After watching, I decided to look at politics as a visitor to my family. As well as an actress, I invite all my well-wishers and all the followers to see the politics in the field.