Potato face pack for glowing skin

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Potassium contains vitamin C and vitamin B complex, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. All these components work as a natural bleaching agent, and the color of the surface of our skin is light, it does not compare to remove black spots and gives a beautiful brightness on the skin.

Advantages of potato in skin care:
Black spots on the skin: On the skin where black spots, add lemon juice with potato juice in it and keep it aside for 10 minutes. In this way black spots can be used regularly.

Black spots under the eyes: You need to wait till the drying of the juice by drying the juice and drying it under your eyes. Then it will be washed with cold water. If used regularly, the black spots below the eye will be removed. Olive oil mixed with olive oil should be kept under the eyes and five minutes per day. Then after drying, it will be washed. In this way the skin of the skin will be gone.

Skin Glow: Mixing potato juice and sugar juice together will be put on the skin. After washing, the brightness of the skin will be blurred. To reduce the swelling of the eye, the pressure of cotton will be wet and kept on the eye. Eye tone will disappear. Wash the cotton with the cotton face and face for a while and then wash the face. This will eliminate skin fatigue and fatigue.

On dry skin: Drying can not be reduced on dry skin by using lotion or moisturizer. In this case you can drink a glass of potato juice every day. Potato juice reduces dry skin.

For oily skin: Potato for oily skin is extremely beneficial. Crush a medium-sized potato well. Then boil the potatoes out of the chopped chips well. Make a dense paste of 2 tablespoons of this pot with the mixture of mulantani soil. Then put it on the skin, until it becomes dry on your skin. Then wash it well with water.