Priyanka Chopra Pregnant!






She pregnant anyway?

Slightly bloated stomach when you see all these actresses around kautuhalata head goes up! In fact, proper physical beauty of the heroine we used to watch all the time! We have come to see Priyanka on her long slim feed! So when UNICEF presented at a ceremony held amtosato ekaposaka a little swelling in his stomach, for obvious reasons, everyone was shocked!

However, this speculation is meaningless! Priyanka Chopra is not pregnant! Earlier, he said that marriage is not only for the child to his men! But the words that he had not turned up! What about you? As the heroine Priyanka did not know what, but his small intestines will reduce a lot of glamor kosenta one hit?

Priyanka knows it! And, you know, noting that UNICEF event red carpet, she has dressed storm! His speech at the women in this age ekatai a little fat in the body is jamei! Most of the time, the accumulation of fat in the stomach! So normal, everyday life, which is fitting, whatever he writes. Thus, the heroine of one of the women wanted to compare himself with.

Nice work, there is no doubt! So who was lightly mocking women, they hope to be able to understand this is wrong!