Protect your child from summer heat

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Acute inflammation can lead to various types of illnesses. These illnesses include fever, diarrhea, depression, bloating of summer belly or skin, nose bleeding, scalp and histroscopes.

Many people have been attacked by severe heat in fever. Diarrhea is also associated with fever. The level of fever is slightly more. The body temperature rose to 103-104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, paracetamolake fever is cured.

Many people have been affected by the severe heat of Baishakh. There are many people with muscle contraction. Drinking enough water to overcome such physical problems in severe heat should be used. Occasionally saline water should also be eaten. Besides, it is better to drink water or fresh fruit juice. Can be mixed with a little salt mixed with water. However, you should not eat outdoor foods in any way. In addition to eating outdoors, there is a risk of developing various water borne diseases, including abdominal cramps, jaundice, typhoid.

If the body does not get enough water, there will be physical discomfort in addition to eyeballs, as well as eyeballs. Even the hippo stroke could be up. Hitstroke is such a condition, when the patient becomes unconscious due to the complexity caused by hot heat. The person with the histroscopic spray or pour water of normal temperature immediately after the body will be wet. Even if the patient is unconscious, this task is to be done. The flow of water that is given to the patient’s body does not need to be cold.

Apart from this, the patient needs to be removed as much as possible by wearing the worn clothes and the house fan or AC. If there is no arrangement, the patient will have to wind through the fan. Already the patient has to be taken to the hospital. Remember, a medical emergency is a hitstroke. Heterroscopy may occur until the patient’s death.

As well as the warm summer summer boil, the hot boil and the incidence of the Gutara. There is also the tension of tiredness. The whole generation of hot and tired children is more affected. This problem occurs in children due to the fragility of the skin, and this problem can be more prominent in children with excessive dysfunctional skin.

In order to get rid of the problem of hot and tidy heat in the summer, children should be kept in the cold environment as possible and in the air-conditioned environment if possible. In addition to keeping the baby clean and bathing regularly. Many people keep the child empty for avoiding the heat, it is not right. If we put them on the blank, there is more toxicity. When wearing a thin cotton dress, it tries to keep sweat from sweating and keep the skin turbid. Many people shout at the head of the head of the summer because many people are shy. But hair loss does not make any profit. Erethromycin lotion can be used as a precaution in the onset of hot spasms. Erethromycin lotion can still be used when the thickness is very large. However, if the thickness of hot and hot boil is too large or if it is cured, then the doctor will advise to take antibiotics.

Calamilon lotion can be used in the baby’s hazard. But there is a rule to use calamilon lotion. About half an hour before the bath, calamilon lotion must be put on the body and it must be washed and washed. Thus, if you do twice daily, you will get good results. The use of widely used prawlike hit powder is also beneficial. But in that case you have to find the actual prawlish hit powder. Prokalite powder or telomeres powder can be used to prevent vomiting.

Do not worry about this hot whole and gigantic resistance system. In addition, the child will have to drink lots of water for fruit drinks or liquid drinks. Otherwise the children will get sick easily.