Raj-Subhashree breakups mutually

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Marriage between Raj Chakraborty and Subhashree is not going anymore. The relationship is going broke.
Raj himself admitted that. It means that the news of the media that was published in the media of India a few days ago is not entirely true, but it is true that it is true. Raj himself said in an interview in a Kolkata newspaper, Subhashree and he himself has tie the relationship with the discussion. But what about mmi?

Raj is asked, do you have a good relation with you? Right now I’m single. What is married? Responding to this question, Raj said, no, no. It was true that there was a relationship between me and a good sister. But there were some problems. Happy good girl In fact, a lot of people rush into us. Some familiar people started playing different games. I am telling a different thing and then going to another place and turn it around. These were gradually affecting families. I stood there and I could not balance the subject. This problem is of both of us. And one thing, many people in the industry did not want to, let our relationship remain.

Raj Chakraborty said, I was in good relation and I decided to break-up with both of us. Both of us now want to give priority to work. Our house was also cleansing. It does not mean to carry forward a relationship with such a disturbance. What is Mimi breaking up with Shuvashri? Raj said, I did not talk to Mimi. I do not want to increase the complexity.

After your breakup with Mimi, there was no conversation at first. Then it starts again? See the answer of the king, our relationship was four years. We were good friends. So despite the separation of Mimi, she did not have any bitterness. I do not have a relationship with Shubhashree, I have not lost my respect for him.
Mimi has a new relationship? Replying to this question, Raj said, “I think friendship is good. I do not want to go any further.