Ranbir is sick, but Dipeeka still enjoying her parties!


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Ranbir Singh to wince in pain. Deepika Padukone went to see him, but not even in the same city. Reverse party was a success with friends. Kapoor had a surgery before dinakayeka teeth. Many are suffering from the pain, he said. Meanwhile, newly returned to Mumbai, Bangalore family vacation with Deepika. Interestingly, otherwise Kapoor itiuti often seen with him. But the hero did not go to see him back to Mumbai, Deepika, despite the ill! He also spent time with friends. Bandraya leave a restaurant with friends, eat and drink, haihullora been healed. He was not carrying his khusimakhano face, her boyfriend is sick!

Normally many Deepika-Ranbir’s relationships are listening to. Deepika gambhirye dismissed all silent. Vin Diesel, but that was a little too close, he told himself. “Triple X: Return of gender Cage ‘from the time of the two feelings. Deepika had to be at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, with imagination, I am Wien. We have kids! Ranbir-Deepika Padukone as the words could not be heard any hassles.

However, a few months ago when Chris Martin to tour India went down to her flirting with Deepika, Shah Rukh Khan’s house tugedare gate. Coffee With Karan Kapoor I sat down at the ball, Deepika not flirting a little less! Kapoor, Ranbir Singh was with the episode. But he did not say anything. I think maybe accepted! Regardless of what to do if the karai or girlfriend!