Reasons why you shouldn’t use cotton bud

woman injured cleans ears with cotton sticks

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Kankani’s turn with ears is now. Are you sticking ears? The ears must be cleaned everyday. Know it, obey That’s why Cotton Bud is using the rules? Know, it’s a mistake. They are calling themselves danger.

Ears and cotton bud. Connection is deep. There are many people who have the opportunity to cheat their ears. Maybe, two birds are being killed in one pile! The ears have been cleaned, the comfort is also. But no Risk rather than increasing

Like most people, regular ear should be cleaned at home. Cotton Badge is the safest, reliable way of cleaning ears. But research says that it is more harm than good. The length of the lines that the doctors have to hear about the ear problem, many of them have problems using the cotton bud.

1) Using the cotton bud, the inside of the ear becomes more intense inside the ear.

2) Near the screen of the ear, the dirt becomes more near.

3) The risk of causing wounds in the ears increases a lot.

4) If there is an injury, then the ear screen will be broken.

5) There is a risk of breaking the ear bones.

6) The possibility of losing the ability to listen can not be blown away.

7) Body balance can be broken.

Remember, ear dirt comes out naturally. If necessary, you should go to the doctor to clear the ear. So leave the cotton bud right now for the ear health. Otherwise you are taking your foot in danger.