Reduce 10 kg weight with just one formula

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Many people think of fat body. How to lose weight. Many did not work using a lot. The weight continues to grow. And it seems the anxiety Now it is time to realize that the end of some of that thought is going to end. So know how you can just drop a 10-kg weight by using a medication.

Health experts advised to use an Ayurvedic medication to reduce weight. This medication can reduce your weight by up to 10 kg. Not only this, it also plays an important role in exposing various harmful toxins present in the body. This Ayurvedic medicine requires lemon, which is rich in Vitamin-C. This ingredient improves the immunity of the body. Chillies present in the medicine increase the level of antioxidants in the body. As a result, the incidence of various diseases decreased. It also increases the performance of liver and kidneys.

How to make the medicine

Ingredients: one lemon, honey one teaspoon, one pinch of pepper powder, one pinch of pepper powder and one cup of water.

How to make it: Take out the lemon in two pieces. According to instructions on lemon juice mix the ingredients together well. Then, after mixing a cup of hot water, the medicine will be made. Then you can take medicines for a short period of time at normal temperature.

However, the medicine must be accepted according to the rules. Playing this medicine in the morning provides more benefits. If you take this medication in accordance with the rules of physical exercise every day, your weight will decrease due to the need.