Reduce belly fat in just 2 minutes

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Many people are fed up with fat in their stomach or face. Difficult exercises or dieting can not be possible for many. Many people lose their weight due to the frustration of fat deposits or chest problems in the stomach. But not much, reduce your fat with a little trouble. Finding a very easy process for reducing belly fat for you.

Let’s know how to do this special massage –

1. Lie down on the ground or on the stools. Try not to sleep on a soft mattress.

2. Rub the two hands with each other until the two hands become warm.

3. Open the stomach, ie remove the upper cloth.

4. Place a hand on the top of the navel. Keep in mind, fingers are not folded.

5. Speak on your stomach on the stomach center around the navel. First, in the form of small circles, then gradually increase the circumference of the circle. Hold hands on your stomach while holding your hand.

6. In a couple of minutes, you should bowl on the stomach 40 to 50 times. You will see, in the stomach and abdominal areas, you feel mild heat due to this process.

7. After this process has ended, keep the stomach open and keep lying in the mouth of two minutes. Then get up and read.

It is enough to massage this massage once a day. But you can do it twice. If you think of the benefits, you can use coconut oil for a little while using massage. But remember, you will never do this massage soon after eating. Pregnant women should not even have this massage. But how does this massage reduce belly fat? In China’s ancient medicine, it is said that massage in this way increases digestion and increases blood circulation. Ultimately, the fat accumulated in the stomach melts and decreases the abscess.

It is being claimed, the stomach fat reduces in a few months after regular massage. And then what’s more late, you also read. Do not check yourself, how effective this talkie of ancient Chinese medicine is.