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What are the secrets of a sensitive part of the body? Armpit, the spacing between the two thigh, reproductive organs, hip, waist and black spots in the lap of an event is normal. Clean wool dress from friction, due to the part of the black spots. A little more than their weight, they have to face this problem much more. What to do? Take care of these organs do not want anyone to go to the parlor, and can not be used in all kinds of products, so it is very informal way to learn, 5. Black spots on the sensitive part of the body in a short time will be gone!

Cucumber juice
Cucumber juice is very beneficial for the sensitive part of the body to remove spots. There is no possibility of damage to the skin. Put it on a cucumber juice and 0/5 minutes. Then wash. Will benefit from a few days to use.

This can be useful if a little expensive potatoes planted cucumber juice than wine. Place the potato juice applied to the affected areas. After 30 minutes wash. It does not harm the skin.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is a natural bleach. But it should not be used directly in sensitive organs, skin rash, and may be jbaluni. With lemon juice, cucumber juice and mix a pinch of turmeric. Then apply it to the affected areas. Cucumber and lemon yellow Blemish away and will protect the skin. 0 minutes after the wash. Do not let time wash soap.

Milk and fuller’s earth
Fuller’s earth and rose water mixed with raw milk to make a paste. Put this mixture applied to the skin, then wash and dry. You can use the face of the pack.

Yogurt and yellow
Yogurt with a pinch of turmeric, mix a little lemon juice and sugar. Apply this mixture, rub the scrub, but very light hand. 0 minutes and then leave. Wash off with cold water.

-That after planting a pack of any moisturizer very good use sensitive organs.
Esaba part of many to lighten the color of cream will never makhatena.
It really use the product mailada these organs. Do not directly spray or deodorant never spatre body.
-Adjustable and the clean bath.
-And good moisturizer every day and apply.