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Acne, it is a big panic name to many. Even after recovering of acne, their unwanted spots are removed. Holes of acne scarring can reduce the beauty of the skin, too much. Many people have seen acne black spots, but remain unmarked and do not want to go easy. It is not too well to use chemicals cosmetics by thinking of skin damage. So let us know how to remove acne holes in a completely natural way.

Vitamin-E oil:
Vitamin-E oil is the easiest and effective solution to repair acne scar. It works like magic in acne pit. Your face will become smoother, brighter, with the use of Vitamin E oil in small quantities daily. It helps to cure acne. Vitamin E is available to buy in oil market. Use Vitamin E Capsule if you do not get it. First of all clean the face with oil free face wash. Otherwise, clean the oil by leaking the capsule with a clean pin or needle. Then put the face with a clean hand. If you have too much oily skin, after half an hour of planting, press the oil with tissue paper and take it off. Otherwise you can keep the whole night. If the problem is not too much, do this 2-3 times a week.

Aloevera Gel:
Aloe vera gel is a blessing of nature. This is an element that will make you feel confused with skin problems. Use fresh aloe vera gel. Aloevara is now available in various super-shops. From there, buying raw aloebra will be taken out. If you do not want to buy from the outside, you can put your own toys. At first, cut a little aloe vera with the help of a cut. Use it to look like cutlery, like the sprayer. Every time you can use the desire. It will give you the release from the blemish acne scars.

Tomatoes contain vitamins which enable active secretion to stop excesses of the substance and both acne and acne scars are cured. Moreover, there is a large amount of anti-oxidant, which also helps in the corrosion of the skin. Take a medium-sized fresh tomato. Share it in equal proportion. Now, in two cheeks, first turn the clockwise and then massage the opposite of the clockwise. As the holes of the holes will be light, it will also reduce burns in sunlight. Moreover, it does a lot of make-up remover.

Olive Oil:
Olive Well is a witch’s element. It is not only delicious food, it also plays an effective role in skin care. Extra Variant Olive Oil helps to cure faster acne. Due to moisturizing quality of olive oil, it quickly mixes with the skin and helps to cure holes. Massage the olive oil in small quantities and use it before going to sleep.

Face pack:
Mix your face packs on the acne pits, basin, sour juice and sesame juice. It will keep your skin stain, bright and vivid.
To eat acne and acne, first of all should be careful to eat and live life is healthy and planned. Sleep, eat, and cleanliness can keep the acne free. It also helps to avoid getting rid of other skin problems.