Regular exercise reduces 40% of death chance

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Reduce the risk of heart disease or illness
Recent studies have shown that exercise for half an hour in the week can reduce the risk of death by almost 40 percent for adults.

Studies also show that physical activity in older people is just as good as giving up.
The study of 15,000 men found that there is no significant relationship between decreasing the risk of death with less than one hour of light exercise a week. But if you exercise less than an hour, death risk may decrease from 32 to 56 percent.
For more than one hour, heavy exercises related to heart disease and any related causes related to decreasing death risk of 23 and 37 percent respectively.

It is believed that heavy exercises will be reduced for as long as the risk of death will be reduced. That is, between 36 and 49 percent, respectively.
The authors of the study said, “Those who perform regular light or heavy exercises at leisure, live on average (live or TV) reading five years more than people.”
This study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, encourages older people to be more active in physically active.