Remember before hair rebonding

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Now there are a few things you need to know before and after rebonding your hair to ensure it remains healthy and moisturized:

Do not wash your hair, comb too often, apply any form of serum/oil/cream for first 3 days.

Wash your hair with cold water.

You can still bathe but use a shower cap so your hair won’t get wet.

When washing your hair, use conditioner or moisture hair mask to restore the moisture and hair texture.

A moisture hair mask will protect your hair better than conditioner, and most salons will recommend it after a rebond.

Do not wear sunglasses or pin/clip your hair for first 3 months.

Never ever think of coloring your hair right after/ before a rebond. Coloring treatments with ammonia or peroxide are especially a big NO-NO.

Any treatment with harsh chemicals should be avoided for 3 to 6 months. Unless you’re willing to take the risk or perhaps your hair is naturally moist, then give it a try.

Your stylist may recommend you for highlighting or any other service after a gap of 1 month or so but do not get carried away “STAY AWAY”Once rebonded don’t think of doing anything to your hair for at least 6 months, not even a touch up.

Do not use any heated electric instruments, not even a hair dryer.

If you need to dry your hair quickly and hair dryer is unavoidable then use on cold air function where it will only blow lots of air.

If you are going to blow-dry your hair, use an additional protein spray. It has substances that coat and protect the hair from heat, dirt and sun, while nourishing the hair at the same time.

Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis; every three months would be ideal. If your ends split, this split can travel along the hair shaft, causing damage further up.

Do not hang on to damaged hair for the sake of its length. Cut/ trim if you think it needs to. After all healthy hair looks better than long, unhealthy ones.

A balanced diet is very important include a lot of nuts, sprouts and red meat in your diet, your hair is made up of protein and to nourish it you need to feed it with the right food.