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Now, almost everyone uses Facebook, so to speak. Asacetanataya themselves are insecure themselves. In that case, everyone should be aware of. If you use Facebook all consciously to avoid unwanted incidents. Social yogayogamadhyame to stay safe with your Facebook profile immediately remove the information from the 8.
Most people involved with majika barsatamane media. They are members of some social media. As the virtual world with the real world now ekatma. At present, the rate of murders and abductions of what is happening is quite difficult to stay safe. These events are more social yogayogamadhyamagulo affected. 8 If you are aware of the social yogayogamadhyame you can stay safe.

1. Your date of birth
Many of Facebook’s date of birth was opened. It is unsafe for you. Date of birth of the era of information technology, information collected from the hyakara. Or any other enemy target this particular day, you can run attack. Date of birth on Facebook should be aware of all about keeping it open.

2. Where is your child attended?
In the last few years of sexual crimes and child studies in England enaesapisisi children’s agency, said he was unaware of the use of social media guardian. The unexpected events occurred.
But there are many, many parents with children abegapluta social yogayogamadhyame share important information. As well as to the status of his children are studying in any institution. It is not safe for the baby. The abduction of children is likely to happen.

3. Your baby photos
Acting Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, said, “Children of the public to share any information they have to be careful about. However, many children share photos on Facebook. This increases the risk of security. It was, they know that you put a child. The opportunity has abducted the child. ”

4. Current Location
The location of the tag given up selaphi unsafe. Anyone you can learn the latest position. As a result, increases the risk of security. It was, without knowing your location seemed to attack your opponent.

5. When and Where are we going?
Can be seen, when we are, where we are going or went on a trip he had made on the issue. Which is not safe at all. Knowing these things can harm your opponent. If you were waiting for the enemy to get some information. Know that you can attack. Facebook was the subject of a threat to his own safety.

6. Cyclists tagged
Facebook does a lot of his own label, many cyclists. The profile that you will visit, he will know where you are now. Whether it’s home or office. It was, as one put it on your home and office address. The opportunity seemed to hurt you. Facebook is not safe at all to the location of the tag.

7. Phone or mobile number
Many mobile phones or phone numbers on Facebook was opened. Which is completely unsafe. As it turned out, the enemy the opportunity to collect and understand that your mobile number. Collect your mobile number as well as anyone, gets the opportunity to bother with the untimely call. Mobile phone numbers or personal things. Mobile phone numbers other than those known to be safe or not.

8. Credit Card Information
The secret and sensitive issue credit cards. Credit card information is not safe in any way the social yogayogamadhyame. However, credit card information is required on various websites. The company or website should be without. The information you provided in order to protect them.