Remove iron stain from cloth easily

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Burnt scars have been burnt in the hobby? It may be wrong to read. But the shirt is canceled?

Not at all. Rather, let us know today that we can easily remove the scars from the clothes. Even with the usual ingredients in your home. But yes, it should be remembered that if the yarn of fire is burnt or damaged, it can not be repaired.

What to do?
The easiest way to get rid of the stain from the dresses is to take action immediately. As soon as you can take action, the blur will get better.

Apply liquid detergent to liquid cloth in place of stains. Grind like this Leave it for 10 minutes.

Then wash the cloth, like normal clothes wash. Use oxygen bleach (if it is safe for cloth).

If the oxygen bleach is not safe, use Distilled Vinegar.

-Clean dry sunshine in the sun.

-If the old stain is there, then add some drops of hydrogen peroxide on the scars, add a few drops of ammonia., Brush a brush for a while. Then wash it in normal routine.