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Additional excessive melanin production in the skin, mouth, sun damaged skin, causing mechata. In addition, hormonal changes, excessive anxiety, thyroid toxins and it might Crisis. Simple and natural way to get rid of the mechata Kona Alam told the director of Women’s World

Aloe gel

Cut the fresh leaves from the Aloe jelatuku eject. In this jelatuku on for 5 minutes to light massage. Wash your face with warm water for 15 minutes. Twice daily for a month to be drawn.


Oatmeal, brown spots on the skin and remove dead skin and skin shine. Two teaspoon oatmeal, milk and two teaspoons of honey mixed with one teaspoon of skin affected mechataya that space, 0 minutes, he put it in place. The water wash with a light massage. Get two or three times a week for a month.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice to bleach the skin. It also helps to lighten skin spots. Cut lemon juice directly to the affected area of ​​the mouth mechataya butter. 0 minutes in the warm water and wash the face. See it on two days a week for three weeks, will decide mechata.


Toner also known as yellow skin and a natural anti-oxidant. The various properties of melanin in the skin yellow light helps to reduce the mechata. 5 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon of milk. Liquid milk is used. Two tablespoons of the pea. Put it on the affected area of ​​the paste mechataya 0 minutes. Wash the face with warm water. Use once a day.

Tropical almond

Kathabadame the haiprotina and vitamin C to smooth the skin. The skin provides nutrition to the skin brightness. Two tablespoons of almond paste or powder with 1 teaspoon of honey mixed mechata face, leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash the face with warm water and remove. From 3 days to a week, until getting any benefit. Or 6 to 7 nuts all day long soak in a few teaspoons of milk. Make a paste bete mechata the affected area, leave it all night long. Can be used once every two weeks in a row.


Pempete pepeina the enzyme acts as a natural Scrub. The damaged skin cells and dead cells away as well. Take half a cup ripe papaya smashed. Now put two tablespoons of honey mixed with 0 minutes wash the affected area. Once every few months to use.

Sandalwood powder

Light spots in the skin of the material is very good sandal. It helps the skin to remove any stains. Equivalent sandalwood powder, milk, lemon juice and turmeric into a paste by mixing butter mechataya affected area. Now let dry. When dry, spray with water wash maskata soft circular motion massage. 3 to 4 days to a week. As long as you do not get any benefit.


If you use sunscreen before going out ► mechata.

► sbasthyasanmata nutritious diet.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day ►.