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Someone passed none of the 30 twenties. Others feel even suffer the upper forties. As a result, there was a big problem in the marriage.

As a result, many people think the ideal age to get married, the question arises, how or what to say about science?

A recent US study showed ucaha University professor Nicholas H. ulaphingara, the ideal age to get married between the ages of 0 to 30.

He has been mentioned as a cause, who was married at the time, much less the risk of dissolution of their marriage.
The study came up, who got married between the ages of 3 to 8, there is a strong fear of separation between them.
According to the study, young people aged 0 to 30 years may marry a much lower risk of divorce. After 30 years of marriage to 40 years of age when the fear is increased.

According to ulaphingarera, who was married at the age of 3 years or more after their divorce, fear of increased 5 percent per year. But those who have waited 30 years to get married, many of them feel they are doing better than others.

She was married to the late, late in their lives comes to success. Even in the case of children had complications.
The research has revealed that an organization called the Institute of Family Studies, who advises couples to marry between the ages of 30 years. The company provides financial assistance to the wedding.