Sabila Nur protested against her fake scandal

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A few days ago, a nude video became viral on social media. The 13-minute video, a woman can be seen offensive. The name of this woman’s name is pronounced sabila light.

Some video sabilara; Some say it looks like sabilara; Some even said that the video may be the young Mexican teenage porn star. But that does not say why the debate has centered on the issue sabilara name being spoken.

However, rejected gunjanake sabila light. Monday night, the video light with sabila opened his mouth. That said sabilara through its own Facebook status. Her writings are a couple of status …

“The earlier (nude video), I wanted to say but talk about such obscene bound rucite. But in the past few days away from a lot of my fans, wishing, friends and colleagues have received so much love and support that’s just because they feel the need to say something.

You know, if you look at the video, she criticized the video I’m now a lot of difference between knowing and believing. If you like a girl sabila thinking of the statement, I do not expect that will change your mind.

Thanks to those who lived next to the language, I do not know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love. ”

However, there are a few months behind the light sabila. Musarata Jahan’s mother said, “are the last two on March 9 pm flight to America. After three to four months back. Dallas is the city of America’s older sister, said to him. ”

He sabila studying at a private university. On the sidelines of the United States has the opportunity to complete a course at a university. So go there. Sabila completed a course of three months, will be home. Then again, to be attentive to work as before.