Saif-Kareena’s son Taimur happy in Switzerland

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Nabam Taimur, who came to New Delhi for the first time, went abroad. Khanna Family is now enjoying holiday in Switzerland like Kareena-Saif.

It’s been heard for 15 days that they will be there. Once a year to go abroad, the tradition of going abroad is very old in the Nawab family.

This is not his absence at this time. Saif-Karinarara has gone to the house of West Switzerland’s Gostad Khan Family.

Kareena is posting those pictures of Family Holiday

In the film, sometimes Baba Saif or mother Kareena Kaal, sometimes a small member of Khan Nawab family.

Tumur’s face also has an impression of joy.

Already in the other stars, the little Tiamur has taken place among other stars.

Although little, there was little less enthusiasm among the paparazzi.

Like the Saif-Karan, images are found in Taimur, it becomes viral in the internet instantaneously.