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As the age increases, the more handsome Bollywood actors Salman Khan Samlman Khan’s recently released ‘Tubblight’ was released. Salman’s fans at the box office, despite the crowd, could not take place in the critics’ favorite list. But not very worried about Salman. Rather, he will work with Kabir Khan, director of ‘Tubblight’. They also play another kind of role like ‘tubeless’. Now he will be seen as an old man.

As per the news published in a media, Salman Khan is not worried about what critics are saying. Not only is the superstar Salman Khan, he now wants to play different roles. The character of the same action heroes in front of the camera repeatedly, Salman had to face critics so long. So now she does not get scared of criticism, she wants to act in other roles. Kabir and Salman Khan had thought of filming another picture while doing the tube-light image. And there will be no change in that.

It is known that in Kabir Khan’s house at Salman’s house, Kabir Khan again offered Salman to work in a new film. Salman also expressed his interest. In this new film, Salman will be seen as an old man.

Salman’s trusted source said that brother is afraid of this picture, because of old age he will have to use a lot of prosthetics. Salman, who does not want to be caught in the picture or forged bearded, due to neurological illness, does not always give these pictures.

But, Salman Khan wants to increase the diversity of his work as an actor. It is expected that in the next film of Kabir Khan, Salman will be featured as an old man in his earlier work.