Salma’s song still playing in Shibli’s Shopnopuri

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The singer has broken her family with Shibli Sadiq, a member of Dinajpur 6 constituency, for the sake of Salma conjugal affair. On 20 November last year, the formalities were completed in the presence of two families in a restaurant in the capital’s Dhanmondi area. Salma ‘closeup; Become a singer from a television program called ‘Bangladesh Looking For You’. After marriage, she was married to Shibli Sadik of Nawabganj. Shibli’s father Mostafijar Rahman was a singer. Because of which, the family of Shibli was interested in music, practicing. Shibli also used to sing. Salma enjoys a song at ‘Sapnapuri’. At least it is known locally.

On 26 January 2011, singer Salma sat on a marriage picnic with Shibli Sadiq, a picnic spot of Dinajpur, Sapna Puiri. Then on 1 January 2014 Salma’s first child was born.

The only daughter’s name is Sneha

Even after the relationship with Salma is over, Shibli’s Sobhanpuri can be heard in Salma’s song. The big dream speaker has big speakers. Those speakers have played different songs after each other. On Wednesday, Swapnipuri went to see that Salam did not forget that world. After about noon, the song started with Salma song.
The relationship with Salma has ended Shibli Love becomes grief in grief But what’s the end? Maybe in the backsteps of his own unknown. So, Sapnapuri’s regular playlist has not yet been confirmed.

What is in Sapnapuri?

This Sapnapuri is located on the vast area of ​​Nawabganj adjacent to Madhyapara hard rock project in Parbatipur of Dinajpur district. This dreamer is one of the most entertaining places of north Bengal people.

There are various rides, zoos, rest houses, gardens, lakes, various species of fish in the world, ‘Rainbow Art Gallery’, ‘Magic Maya Glory’ and a center of central picnic. V, I, P, Rest House 10, Medium Class 14 and other 08 Reshouses have been constructed. Work on the development of Sawnpuri with the construction of the existing house is now underway.

There are cables, hawkers, zoos, artificial zoos, artificial marshes, restaurants. Here you can find the world with artificial fish and various animals. There are lots of small rides to entertain. The artificial lake can take a speedboat ride with a durable experience. There are artificial images of animals like animals, amy, morals, dinosaurs, poetry, and many other animals. Art Gallery, ‘Rainbow’ for various types of sculptures and paintings. In ‘Maha Maya glamor’, you can enjoy magic. Various types of animals are full of zoos.