Shabnur returning with ‘Pagal Manush’


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After the long intervals, the popular actress Shabnur of Dhaka movie will be seen again on screen. Now he is returning with the ‘crazy man’.

It is known that the movie, ‘Pagal Man’, played by Shabnoor, got the clearance from the censor board. Shooting of ‘Crazy Man’ began in June 2011. The following year, on December 29, during the shooting, died of heart attack, director MA Mannan. Shooting is closed. Then Shabnur left the movie and moved to Australia.

After five years, Shabnur took part in the shooting of the movie and finished the work. At this time, director Bodiul Alam Khokan caught the eye of ‘crazy man’. Shahen is in contrast to Shahnan.

Badiul Alam Khokan, the current creator of the film, said that the picture is my master. I die after he dies. But the name of the masters will be named as the director. Because it’s his creation, not mine.

He said, soon will be the date for the release of the ‘crazy man’.

Meanwhile, Shabnur suffers from thyroid disease for a long time. Currently he is being treated in Australia.