Shahrukh Suhana just watched Tubelight

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After giving a super hit movie on one hand, the ‘tubelessite’ is getting some dirty light. Even before the release, the excitement of excitement was rising as before. But in the box office, Sallu could not make a storm like that before the new movie. The film has a little disappointing fans and critics.

That is why Sallu Bhai’s interest in some of the star fans did not stop. Apart from this, people in Brussels, Belgium and many cities have been rushing to see ‘tubeless’. But surprisingly, many people watched the pictures, and it was being marketed as Shah Rukh’s picture. Although King Khan has a special appearance But that’s not the picture of the Bollywood King.

However, the real story is that special screening of ‘Tubblight’ has been arranged in Mumbai. There is no restriction on everyone. A few people went to see. Among them, Shah Rukh and his daughter Suhana

There is a lot of buzz in Bollywood with Shahrukh’s daughter. She has become quite lazy. May be seen on the screen some days later. He came to see Salman’s picture with his father. Were wearing black-colored shoulders and black pants.

This image of Eid was released on 23 June. It is said to be the lowest shortest picture in the body. The film’s length is only 136 minutes. Pictures of his ‘Sultan’, ‘Bajarangi Bhajan’ or ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Piyo’ range from 3 hours to 3 hours.