Shahrukh’s female fan kissed him!





It is one of the dreams of every woman to kiss Shahrukh Khan! Some of the actresses and women have been lucky to drop a peck on his dimple cheeks. Shahrukh Khan is not only King Khan but the King of Romance as well. However, we would also like to say that King Khan is also the King of Kisses. At many occasions,we have seen women kissing the handsome pin up boy, Shahrukh Khan.

It is not just the fans worldwide who want to kiss Shahrukh Khan. Even Bollywood beauties have been snapped kissing Shahrukh Khan on his dimpled cheeks at various events. SRK has worked with many young actresses who admire and love him just like we do. So, dropping a peck or kiss on his cheek is something which is very much obvious!
From Anushka Sharma to Priyanka Chopra, a lot of Bollywood actresses who have worked with Shahrukh Khan have got a chance to kiss King Khan off-screen as well.

For example, Anushka Sharma who made her debut in Bollywood with Shahrukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi kissed him during promotional events. Well, SRK also kissed her on the cheek and the friendly gesture was really cute.
Then comes Deepika Padukone who really loves and admires her idol, SRK. He is the one who made the model turn into one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood. The hit on-screen couple share a very close bond off-screen as well.

One of the most talked about kisses of Shahrukh Khan is with Priyanka Chopra. We are not talking about on-screen, but off-screen. At Screen Awards 2013, King Khan and Priyanka Chopra shared a really filmy moment on the stage. Priyanka Chopra kissed Shahrukh Khan in that scene and this became a news overnight. Well, this was a stage performance which took another turn due to the alleged rumours of SRK and Priyanka Chopra’s love affair.
Let us not get into that and focus on the women who kissed Shahrukh Khan off-screen.