Shakib Khan will do bollywood film Shraddha Kapoor!

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Jazz Multimedia chief Abdul Aziz has already announced that he will build next year Hindi films. He will be the heroine of the film actor Shraddha Kapoor, an online News in an interview said that Abdul Aziz.

Who will be the hero of the film, such as the mouth opened takhajhano, Abdul Aziz declined to comment today. Contrary to some media respect Kapoor, who has been acting shocked after watching the news to communicate with him. Shakib Khan will play against really respect? Abdul Aziz said in reply, “You can learn everything in due time. Apatata do not want to say anything now. ‘

Abdul Aziz said the hero of the film, the film co-production, of course, he will select a hero from Bangladesh.

Let’s see, what can not be Shraddha Kapoor Hindi film heroine Shakeeb!

Dhallywood King shocked Jazz Multimedia and India, the two co-productions produced by Eskay Movies “hunters” and “acted in nababa. “Hunters” after the release of the film business was successful. Shakeeb was the heroine of the film actress Shrabanti Kolkata. There are now waiting for the release of the film ‘Nawab’. Shakeeb acted against the film Das of Kolkata. The film is scheduled to release coming year.