Shakib-Shishir’s Marriage Anniversary Today






Many young women have taken heart Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh cricket superstar. This coming after the wedding.

But one had taken him to heart. He dew yuktarastraprabasi Um Ahmed. The identity of the two to play county cricket in England. How dew that falls in love with the shy Shakib identity. They married on December 1 in 01. Today, their fourth wedding anniversary.
Last year, the country was ranked second in the world a couple of interesting players in this super couple. November 9 last year, a new guest comes to their houses alaina Abri Hassan. Shakib daughter-avid long strange sweet woman can not live without. In the final, he took her in his arms with the title of the BPL.

Yesterday, on the eve of the fourth anniversary of marriage gone Shakib Australia. Pranayini dew bheriphaida own Facebook page posted a few photos of their wedding wrote, “most of our lives 121212 Magical Day! Happy fourth anniversary beloved partner. Perfect MashaAllah series has always been our life. Many many years, we want to live together. ”

Umm Ahmed dew home in Narayanganj district. The family lived in the United States. He studied Software Engineering. Shakib dew regards and good luck for the pair.