Shakib’s son Abram spent his first Eid in father’s residance

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At Shakib’s Gulshan home, the only child of Shakib-Apu couple’s son, Abram Khan, won the first Eid. Apu Biswas said that the grandfather, grandmother and grandfather wins a happy time.

Apu Biswas also said that he spent his lovely time at his father-in-law’s house. Joy did not get father Shakib Khan at the first Eid. Because Shakib was Eid in London. There, the joint producer’s photo, Chalbaaz shooting went to Dhaka superstar Shakib.

Apu Biswas said, Eidata spent a lot. I cooked quite a few days to celebrate Eid. Tiffin’s carrier has taken a meal with Abram in her grandmother’s house.

There she spent another time with Grandfather and Puffus (Abram). Also on the second day of Eid, there was a maternal uncle of Abram from Bogra. In all I have tried, to give Joy to the first Eid in his life.

Shakib Khan married Apu Biswas on 18 April 2008. In September last year, Abraham came to Apur to join Khan Khan. After two and a half months of birth, Shakib Khan saw the child’s face.