Shakib’s wife Shishir is now driver!

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There is nothing to say about the quality of all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. Ball or bat; Shakib did not contribute anything to the team. Shakib’s wife Umme Ahmed Shishir also did not go short. Shakib’s wife knows how to drive well. Not only this, Shakib’s spouse was enjoying driving.

The dew itself itself has reported this quality. The social media posted an image from his Verifier account at Instagram, Shakib’s wife.

In this photo posted, the dew is sitting on the driving seat in the car. In the photo caption, Dish wrote, “The best part of returning home is that I get myself as a driver. Love to drive. ‘

For the Australia series, the Bangladesh team spent a busy time on August 5, The first Test of the two-match series against Australia on August 27 will be held in the field. However, Shakib, who is busy with the Australia series on the field of Shakib, has retired in the United States with the only girl Alaina Hasan Oubri,

Both the mother and daughter have already returned home after spending a long time in the United States. Shakib’s cricketing busyness has diminished even after that. Australia series ended in Chittagong by the second Test on Thursday.