Shakil Khan replied regarding relationship with Popy

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For a few days, a discussion about Poppy and Shakil Khan is being heard in Nidguni. One of the most popular Bengali film actors, Shakil Khan, came face to face with Facebook.

Shakil Khan said, “I have been forced to come to you because of some propaganda for the last few days. The words are completely baseless and false. It will not be accepted by anyone. ‘

At that time he did not mention anyone’s name, but the words that he spoke on purpose were no longer necessary to understand.

Actor Shakil also said, ‘An educated man learns to give something good but it is good. And an uneducated person can not give anything better. And it seems to me in propaganda that this is its proof.

Because an uneducated person can say such things, not educated people. ‘

Earlier, on the occasion of a private TV channel, Poppy said, “The first love of life was the bad experience for me.

Shakil was not the right person for me. As much as I know, Shakil had many love, there were many marriages. He got married to many, has a baby, has a baby ‘