Shokh-Niloy Marriage Anniversary at Saudi Arabia






Popular actor ventricle parlor Alamgir Kabir and Anika was the first anniversary on December 7. Saudi Arabia, they are celebrating the first anniversary. They were there to perform Hajj Umrah December 31. Ventricle with their mother and father are doing hajj.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the first anniversary of social media via Facebook nilayake greeted hobby. Hobby writes, “Alhamdulillah, there was a year away. Happy bibahabasirki. ”

Sheikh Aminul Haque Emon said ventricle friend, Umrah Hajj is scheduled to return on 10 January Hobby and ventricle.

011 to work together in an ad-ventricle was introduced to the hobby. And their friendship and love relationships are made. After a long time of love, and they married on January 7 last year. After marriage, the pair were tied together, and they acted in many plays.

Although busy with a new home and family will continue to work on a regular basis, according to media hobby. The pair starred together in a film tie-ventricle hobby. Saniyata Hossain directed movie called “little love story.”