Shumaiya Shimu is going to be a mother in this Eid!

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Popular TV actress Sumaiyya Shimu has been quite worried. Which is driving him on the horror of the earth. However, this anxiety is not about himself but with his unborn child. Shimu and Dinar’s eight-year-old family

They have been without childhood for so many years. Sumaiyya Shimura came to know the good news after the long wait. Shimura family was filled with happiness in this news. But it does not last long. Suddenly there was a change in him. She talks to an unborn child in her womb.

There are many inconsistencies and problems in this city that tell the mother to her mother. She does not want to come to such an unsafe city.

But the mother told her that there are so many people in the city will have a problem. This is the story of the ‘clearance’ drama.

The producer said that the drama will be broadcast on the private channel of Eid in the composition and direction of Mansur Alam Nirjar.