Shuvasree wants to start 2nd Innings after Deb






How do you say may be clinging memories of the old people? Moreover, there is one thing to see! Once done with the simple relationship praktanera place gradually after the pain is normal! Most people back a few days later he fell in love with the new. That is what happens with Ganguly Das?

Difficult to say! However, at least in the eyes of the heroine of the show is going down fast to the memories of the former god.

Forget the relationship has a row a lot easier. Both have worked together recently Kaushik Ganguly ‘comet’ film. And, then shook his cuff Das Dor love life! Hats off to him and then opened the door to the mind of the heroine.
What, is he? Das, who is now throughout the day and night?

He is none other than director Raj Chakraborty! Das worked for a few days before his ‘pride’ in the film. At that time the king of demolishing an old love with the heroine Mimi Chakraborty. During the first conversation between the two increased, from his intimacy slowly!

The intimacy that is now in place, they can not stay out of each other! Das dinakayeka This was before the ‘Nawab’ photo shooting. From Bangladesh to Kolkata, the first leg by Das’ Miss U Miss U Miss U “video sent to a dabasmyasa Raj Chakraborty. Managers response?

Taliparaya whisper, king of the gods, and was busy with his current lover rukminike. It was ‘Champ’ shooting. After you watch the video, but with Das royal shooting stopped. Go behind the scenes look at the first video. It was a fitting answers! After he saw the video repeatedly. Surely, you think, what is the answer of the king?

It is not known! That is, when he was behind everybody else!