Singer Salma told the reason behind divorce






Folk singer Salma has put her six-year-long conjugal life to rest by announcing her separation from Shibli Sadiq, Dinajpur-6 constituency’s member of parliament.

Salma, who rose to fame as a Lalon singer during her participation in Closeup 1, said that she and Shibli Sadiq had parted their ways on 19 November in a mutual decision.

The singer claimed that they had had troubled times since her marriage and their bitterness soared high in the past six months.

Since then she has been staying in her father’s Mohammadpur residence.

“My husband pressurised me to stop my studies and music practice. I scarified my singing career but it could not save the marriage,” said Salma.

Confirming their separation, Shibli Sadiq told media, “We had conjugal problems. As she is an artiste, she wanted her space. She better stay that way.”

Salma and Shibli got married on 25 January, 2011. They have a four-year-old baby girl, Sneha who is now living in her father’s home.