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It can not be surprised to see how much can be done with rice. Even if rice becomes saturated, you can make these recipes with it. Some recipes are as follows.

1. Rice with rice and rice
Powder well with rice and pulse blender. It’s a smooth paste and a paste. When thin, add flour to the dough. Then occasionally add onion, chilli powder, a little bit of fried rice, a little salt, coriander, and even meat can be meat. Mix well. Make a pan with a little oil in the pan and make it like pancake or dosa. Thick like pancakes or slim like dosa, both can do. Turn aside when one side is golden and spicy. Serve with sauce or chutney.

2. Rice and cheeses ball
Basti rice rinse the hot chitake well. Have a spice of your choice for taste. Make a round goal ball inside the cheeses. Dip the balls into the biscuit powder. Make it golden. Made awesome delicious snacks!

3. Stuffed capsicum cup
Sprinkle the rice onion, pepper, coriander and any spices you like. Cut the capsicum in the middle. Mix the rice mixture out of the seeds from the inside. Spread the cheeses upside down. Bake to the oven until golden. Another awesome meal made!

4. Rice pudding with fronts
Take thick milk. Let’s have lunch with it. Give sugar and vanilla together. Keep burning. Occasionally, the pulse will knead the dough well so that the rice becomes half-baked. Take it down to a very dense, refrigerate and refrigerate. Serve with any of your favorite fruits and ice cream.

5. Rice Omelette
Give rice and rice and roast the rice in the oil. Fry with little fried jiraar powders, chopped spices, coriander leaves. Once the rice is hot, spread it equally in all pan. Then spread 2/3 eggs on the mixture of this Bhat. Do not shout at all. Cover the lid with the lid, let the omelette grow. Pour some oil on the edge so that the egg gets its essential oil. If you want to bake ovens. Turn aside after turning aside. Get rid of cooking while cooking. Made a complete break fast.