Some interesting facts of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not a very easy matter. One mother’s journey to bring the world to a child. Starting from conception until birth, a woman’s body several changes. Some changes are very interesting and strange. Some interesting facts on pregnancy boldsky.

1. Iutrasera the size of the original size during pregnancy is more than 500 times.

2. When you eat a pregnant woman baby to absorb the necessary nutrients. Sometimes it is the mother’s nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes, such as during pregnancy the mother is iron deficiency.

3. According to some studies, children in the womb when the urine.

4. The weight of the mother during pregnancy increased from 10 to 15 kg. In 36 percent of the weight of the baby.

5. High amount of hormone secretion into the dry skin. Mark down the stretch. If you use a moisturizer.

6. Pregnancy can change breast size.