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Although cooking is enjoyable, it is very enjoyable for busy people. Quickly cooked food, they have to run fast and face them. You can cook something appetizing as quickly as you can but cook it faster than before. To know about some techniques. Cooking experts here tell me some great mantras.

1. Due to milk intake many dangers happen. Maybe you have been on the stove, and you do not care. Suddenly the nose smells. After running, the milk was overflowing. Blanch the pot with the ball on the top of the vessel that gives the fuel. But if you burn more fire, the milk will not flourish.

2. Drying onions is losing time? Have you read? Sprinkle a pinch of salt in it. Then see what happens.

3. Do not waste time trying to cook mollusks. Pour so much half a teaspoon of lemon juice through the stove.

4. If you want to fry some maida, then mix one teaspoon of lemon juice while mixing it. Now let’s roam.

5. Give a pinch of salt in the water while boiling potatoes or eggs. See how fast the egg shell or potato peel is coming up.

6. Give it a few drops of oil before cooking rice. See what happens.