Some special advise to heal cracked feet

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Ankle blisters can not only damage the beauty, but also can cause pain on the legs. So, care should be taken at the beginning.

Due to decreasing moisture on the skin of the skin, the skin is cracked and dried. So it should be good to sit on the night with a moisturizer.

Julia Azad, the president of Desire’s Glamor World, and the fashionist, mentioned some reasons.

He said that due to lack of vitamins and mineral components, foot problems can be difficult due to long walks, if working in dust and garbage, due to climate change.

Moreover, all the weight of body weight is left over the feet. Ankle may also burst in this case.

This report mentions ways to solve foot problems in a few common ways in a domestic way.

– Wash your feet well before going to sleep at night. Then remove the legs and take oil well. Particularly in the foot section. Then you will have to sleep after a thick socks. It will absorb the skin oil all night and the skin will remain soft.

– Make a well made paste and paste. Now you have to wash the pakakala papaya patted portion of the foot and wait for 20 minutes to wash it well.

– Heat the lemon juice in warm water and let the foot soak for 20 minutes. Then, with a lofa, the feet must be rubbed lightly. The dead cells of the feet can be raised in this.

– Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice with petroleum jelly and massage it in the frying part until the skin is completely absorbing the mixture. Then you will have to keep the thick socks all night.

– Glycerin and rose water mixed with water can be removed from foot problems.

Not only for cold weather, but also because of the lack of nutrients in the body, vitamins, minerals, zinc, omega three fatty acids etc. can crack. So be aware that there are adequate vitamins, minerals, vitamins in the list of regular foods.

So eat vegetable oil, green vegetables, crushed oven bread and cereal, calcium-rich foods – milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish etc. If not only the legs, body skin and hair nutrition.

Besides, regular foot should be kept clean and scrubbing and expansion will be done to remove the dead cells of the feet. After cleansing the legs must be properly moisturize. Besides, walking the legs or avoiding barefoot should be avoided. At least one day a week should be kept in the hot water. This will increase blood circulation.