Some unkown facts of actress Sahara

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Sahara is a popular actress in Bengali cinema. This heroine was in a great deal of time. The journey of the film was started by Shahadat Hossain Liton, directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton. This actress established herself as the number one heroine in Dhaka’s film industry. His pair with Shakib Khan received the most popularity.

For a long time there is no searching for the Sahitya Sahara. After marriage, he is busy with the family. That is why he is not seen in a new movie. Even in a film-related event there is no presence on him for a long time. But his fans – the visitors missed him very much. Miss colleagues also missed Shahara often misses the film life he left behind. Meanwhile, there is uncertainty about whether he will return to acting in the film.

Sahara said to the media that since the marriage has been invited to attend various programs till now. I felt that the film did not beat me. I miss too much of those days left.

From an early age, Sahara learned dance dance to director Aziz Reza. And he was once seen with director Liton. Sahara has played in more than 40 films.