Some Unusual Ways To Use Hairspray






We all have a bottle (or six) of different types and brands of hairspray in our bathrooms. I have so many different brands, and then I have the option of aerosol or non-aerosol. Not to mention all the different options, extra hold, frizz-fighting, flexible, shine enhancing and the list goes on and on.
However, with all those options and brands to choose from, there are more ways to use hairspray than just for hair stiffness.

Here are 10 ways, (and some that surprised me) to use hairspray:

1. Do you have a loose zipper on your pants or jeans that just won’t stay up? More than likely those pants make you look great, but if your underwear is showing to the world, those pants might just not work. Well pull them out ladies and spray a little hairspray on the zipper and components and that zipper won’t fall until you wash them!

2. Nylons or tights saver. I have always heard about using nail polish to fix a run, but it would get all over and take forevs to dry. Try a little spray of hairspray and it should stop the run or a few hours. Hooray!

3. Lint removal. Spray a bunch of hairspray on an old piece of cloth or paper towel and rub it along your favorite linty coat or sweater. The mild stickiness of the spray will attract all those annoying fuzzies.

4. A weapon. If you happen to be faced in a dangerous situation, fear not. Spray him in the eyes with your hairspray. He’ll be temporarily blind, sneezy, and confused. Just long enough to kick him in the balls and run. This is a good tip to have a mini bottle of hairspray in your purse. Probably the aerosol can would work best.

5. Bug killer. If you find a little nest of critters in your home or at your office you can shoot ‘em down with some hairspray. They’ll be rolling over dead in no time. You could then spray some hairspray on a paper towel to pick up those dead guys.

6. Glamorous gift enhancer. If you’re without wrapping paper for a small gift, try wrapping it in newspaper and then hitting it with hairspray all around. It’ll create a semi-shellacked effect and leave your recipient wondering just how you did it.

7. Furniture saver. When a careless guest leaves a pen mark on your couch you can try rubbing it out with hairspray. It often will fade the mark just enough to leave you feeling stressless enough to enjoy another cocktail.

8. A sewer’s friend. If you’re the kind of gal that finds herself threading needles with relative frequency, you know that sometimes the thread is nearly impossible to get through the damn needle. Try spraying it down with a little hairspray so it’ll stiffen enough to get through easily.

9. Flower Saver. Spray the flowers your dude gets you with hairspray as soon as you set them in a vase. Use a generous amount. It’ll stiffen the blooms up so they won’t get that wilty look by the 4th day. You’ll easily score an extra 24 hours of fabulous flowers with this trick.

10. Save a fire. If your fire is dying down in these chilly months, add another log and a few quick sprays of some cheap hairspray. The alcohol will set the whole situation ablaze and leave you toasty. Note: this one is for expert-level adults only with a total disregard for safety.