Sporshia-Rafsan Divorce!

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After two years of marriage, actress Orchita Sparia and her husband Rafsan Ahsan got involved in separation. On August 21, two people were officially separated, said Rafsan Ahsan himself.

Rafsan’s simple confession, very good girl in touch We were good friends. I got him in my difficult times. At that time and gave me support. He has come up to many battles. Though we are not together, there will always be respect in us. There was a discrepancy between us for a few days. We’re different. By the end of the discussion, we decided to divorce.

If you try to contact him in connection with Spyrizer, his phone number is closed.

In fact, on 29 September 2015, Rafsan is engaged in a relationship with Sparis. On 1 October they got married. When creating an online shop video, Rafsan and Spaniard’s friendship were created.