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Who wants to be young, bright-shining-skin? But the clock to cut the old and appealed to them to go ahead. Fine lines around the eyes and in the eyes of a sudden, one day, the skin incision spots or stains. Many people may have the ability to put in expensive clinical treatment to remove the impression of age. But where is the opportunity for the middle class like us. So I understand the need to go to the old? Who was she? There is nothing to be upset, but it is. If your hand is the cause of all natural ingredients, which you can easily pushes chapake age. If you’re going to do not know.

(1) honey

Rinkela of Aging’s first words to come. If you want to stay away from the skin to the rinkala the appropriate way to mayescaraija. If you have moist skin, then there comes rinkela late. There is a pair of skin moisture and protect the honey. Dyamaja skin and skin as well as re-motivated. Not too much trouble to go to 3 tablespoons of honey in the face, neck, turn, leave it for 15 minutes to 0. Then rinse in cold water. You can get good results from it every day, or the day after.

(2) egg white

Amega-3 fatty acids are part of the large amount of egg whites, protein and zinc. Which makes the skin tight and smooth. So you need to do is, one egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of milk cream and a spoonful of lemon juice and mix. Mix well and put it on the face and neck 0 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. Three days a week to get better results use this pack.

(3) yogurt

There are plenty of sour daite rinkela pratirodhakari material. Such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which will help keep your skin moisture and keeping skin fresh. Porasaguloke sour yogurt and lactic acid, the skin also helps to shrink the skin tight. So what you need to do are: teaspoon yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric to the mix. Then take a vitamin E capsule on very carefully before making the pack a little cut and mixed with oil. The pack face, neck and neck should be applied 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water. 3 days a week to get the results of the use of this pack.

(4) rose water

Skin care benefits rose water is not the end. There’s also rijubhinetim material. You can use it easily. Teaspoon rose water in a bowl, 12 teaspoons of lemon juice and a few drops of glycerin and mix well. Take a cotton ball and then the whole face. Well clear of the pack affixed to the face before sleeping at night. Lie down and wait until dry. There is no need to wash with water. It will work on your skin throughout the night.

(5) coconut milk

There are plenty of anti-oxidants coconut milk. Which is very effective to prevent skin rinkela. 3 tablespoons of coconut milk with the help of a cotton ball to put the entire face and neck. Wait twenty minutes, wash your face with cold water. This pack can be used once a week.

(6) Banana

Found this one on hand to bring remarkable change in your skin. Take a ripe banana with a little better catake. Mix rose water with one of the camamaca, one teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of sour yogurt. Mix well to take a moment to create a paste-like. Then the face, neck and neck, leave it 0 minutes. After a good wash in cold water. Two days a week, use of the skin to see if you have changed.

Use the above mentioned pyakagulo regularly. Chemical products such as these, however, will not change overnight. Use patient 3 months. However, the desired result can be found.

Stay well, stay beautiful.