Strange photo pose of Punam Panday in a program!

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Model Poonam Pandey for the operation of its modeling or acting as if the center of the discussion, it became known more for its bold and deyaradebhila behavior. A few days before Valentine’s Day, she was very warm and videos uploaded to the Internet and studied enough. At times, he was again at the center of discussion. Music Awards ceremony, courtesy of her bizarre behavior.

Mirchi Music awards ceremony was attended on the night of February 19, Poonam. The main function of the crowd on his way out of the car to walk to the photographer of celebrities and journalists. He was dressed in a black autaphite Poonam. He looked great. Beautiful tone began to pose in front of the camera used. Many other celebrities are busy taking pictures from the photographaradera punamake. Poonam, who was working at the same time that all of a sudden, he turned toward the camera lens.

Poonam was wearing that dress off shoulders, her nimmansati was already quite clear. Poonam gheraoyala quite aware of the clothes on her clothes off and put his hands in the portion of the Poonam. As a result, the body becomes exposed his private parts. Became awkward in his underwear in public. Photographarara did not miss this opportunity. Khaca khaca sound flashbulbs were scorched. Capturing the strange behavior of the model-cum-actress.

Photo courtesy of the Internet that has spread to the Devi. Many people, it was very indecent and shameful. Poonam has noticed that for mere media. Some, however, this model-actress has their own style statement. In all, the film centers on the tension of the mercury climbing net.