Study in Sweden for free






Swedish higher education institutions and a variety of scholarships for university study contributes to the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under this scholarship students from different countries, including Bangladesh, a master’s degree can take free of cost. 335 students will be given scholarships.

The 201718 academic post-graduate admission notice has been published in Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under scholarships in various universities and institutes in Sweden can be almost 500 postgraduate degree. Degree term of two years.

The selected students will receive scholarships interesting. A post-graduate students are studying, and the cost of living will be. Students at least 77 thousand rupees per month (nine thousand Swedish Krona) scholarships will be given. In addition, a lump sum payment of travel expenses of Rs one lakh 30 thousand (15 thousand krona) will be given. However, family members of students under the scholarship will not pay.

The list is divided into three countries eligible to apply. There are lists of the names of the first. Student scholarships will be based on results, and work experience. Students to apply for at least three hours of work experience. In addition, the applicants return home after learning about the development work will be reaching out.

Interested candidates can apply in two stages. The first step in the application of the Swedish students Services website ( must apply for admission through the university. The first step is to apply at 1 017 on January 16 and will continue until December.

The students selected will be notified by January 5. After admission to the university in February for 1 admission fee will be charged. The second phase will begin after submitting the application fee. University students will have to submit detailed information on this step. The second step 017 will apply from 1 July until 10 February.