Study says: Women need more sleep than Man

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Who is more contributing to the development of our society? Male or female? In one word you will say, both of them But in the case of earning money, men ahead. Because almost all of the working men earn money. There a large portion of the working women do not earn money, they are behind the education at a significant rate. Yet the research says that women’s brain works more than men’s brain compared to men’s brain. How? Answer is a little thought.

For example,

1. A man is out on the outside. He already knows that he will go to the office. There is nothing to make a different decision. But the woman has to wake up in the morning to decide, what she will eat, what her husband and son will eat!
2. Not only to eat, a woman will have to make many decisions throughout the day. Though the issues are small in the eyes, he has to bowl every time.
3. If the woman is a job seeker then she has to manage her office.
4. If the woman is a businessman then the responsibility of decision making increases.
5. The woman is called Home maker Because the family is an institution. He has to deal with all the responsibilities of that organization.

Scientists say women need at least 20 minutes more sleep than men. Because women’s brain works relatively well and needs more rest.

The study was conducted among 210 middle-aged women and men.
Jim Hernon, author of the study and researcher Jim Harn said, “Sleep is an important work to revitalize the brain.” He is a sleep specialist specializing in the Loughborough University’s sleep research center. He said, “During deep sleep, brain cortex, which is in charge of memory, language and many more, keeps you from all feelings and goes back to recovery mode.”

Professor Horn said, “How much sleep is needed, depending on how complex his brain works.” He also said, ‘Your brain will need to recycle its work as much as it does during the day and for that it will have to sleep.’

“Women do many things. At the same time, they have to do a lot of work. So they actually use more brain than men. So their sleeping needs are high. ”

“An average woman needs more than 20 minutes to sleep. But in particular, it can be more or less in the field. Depending on the type of work. ”

But yes, Horn also says that “The men who do complex work, take more than one decision at the same time, think that sleeping needs will be more in their case.” So, on average, some men who work more would need more sleep than other men.