Sunny wants to keep both wives, but Nasrin wants to be the only one


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Arafat has demanded to divorce Sunny’s first wife, Nasrin said. In the case of Nasrin’s women and children under the Prevention of Torture Prohibition Act, she surrendered before the Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court on Wednesday and demanded extension of bail. On this day Nasrin Sultana opposed the bail in the court and said in tears, ‘Arafat Sunny is not in contact with me after taking bail. He does not receive the phone when he calls him. Then one day when I went to his house, his mother Nargis Akter beat me up. She is not spending a day with me. ‘
Nasrin Sultana also said, ‘I did not know that Arafat was married before Sanir. There he or she has a baby. When I went out of the country with her passport she had unmarried writing. She has deceived me. I am praying for his bail. ‘

At the same time, Nasrin demanded to divorce her first wife by naming her first wife, Nasrin, who claims to be his second wife.

Kazi Nazibullah Hiru and M Jewel Ahmed were hearing bail for Sunny.
Sanir’s lawyers said, “The allegation against Arafat Sanir is not true. Besides, Arafat Sunny is currently playing in the league. There he made the record for the second highest wicket. In this situation, his bail is required. ‘
Sani’s lawyers also said, “We want that with his (Nasrin Sultana) family.” For this, he has been hired in a separate flat. But he does not stay there. She is asking to divorce her first wife. But this is not possible. Because Nasrin Sultana Arafat married his wife after knowing about his first wife. Now if she divorces her first wife, then she will also sued. Arafat Sunny is now trying to keep two wives. ‘

Metropolitan Sessions Judge Kamrul Hossain Molla extended the bail after the hearing on both sides till July 6 and suggested a compromise between them.

On February 1, Sani’s wife Nasrin Sultana filed a case in the Women and Child Repression Prevention Tribunal of Dhaka on February 1. After the court accepted the plaintiff’s statement on that day, investigating the case of Mohammadpur Police Station ordered to submit a report to the court.
On February 8, Mohammadpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Jamal Uddin Mir recorded the case as a record and sent documents to Dhaka’s CMM court. The court then ordered the court to submit the investigation report to the investigation.

It is said in the case that seven years ago, the identity of Arafat Sunni and Nasrin Sultana was closely related to the identity of seven years ago. At one stage, they both love both. They married on 4 December 2014 without informing the parents. But in the three years of marriage, Sunny did not officially take home the Nasrin Sultan by discussing with two families. Though he repeatedly pressed for this, he did a period of time.

Then on June 1 last year, a picture of Nasrin Sultana named fake Nasrin Sultana was sent to Nasrin Sultana’s original Facebook messenger, and some photos of Sunny-Nasrin’s intimate moments were sent. In view of this, Nasrin Sultana filed a case with the Mohammadpur Police Station under the Information Technology Act.