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Artificial egg is a rumor: Experts told

rupcare_artificial egg is fake

  Fake egg news has been released for several days in international media. It is known that fake eggs are being found in different places including Dhaka. However, the teachers of the Department of Poultry Science Department at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University have called on them to take an egg every day without giving them ears. Md. Anwarul Haque Beg The ...

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BD actor actress who is who’s relative

rupcare_bd actors who who's relative

  Curiosity to know about the favorite star exists among all the audience. These stars, apart from their career, have many relatives in their personal lives. And the extent of the audience’s enthusiasm over their relationship is a bit more. Let’s know how a star’s relative in real life. 1. Actor Razzak’s two sons actor Bapparaj and actor Emperor 2. ...

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Raj will marry Shubhasree soon

rupcare_raj shubhasree

  A few days ago, Shuvashri had already said many things about Joy and Chemistry of Raj’s love to Joy Plus. In a short time everything was inverted! Different news came on Wednesday The breakup of the news. It is said that Raj-Shuvashri has been separated. And Raj Mimi is back with him. Raj denied the matter completely and said, ...

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Aishwarya again surprises in cannes film festival

rupcare_aishwarya at caanes

  Once again, actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made an eye on the Cannes Film Festival A lot of people came and saw the light of thousands of cameras in the ears of red carpet as soon as he woke up, The ear could not overcome the hypocrisy of the blue blue gown designed by Michael Sinchora. He looked like a ...

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Namkaran Dadi Reema Lagoo dead

rupcare_rima lagu

  Actress ‘Ma’ Rima Lagu died in heartbreak. Until his death, he was known by the name of Hindi drama Avani’s grandmother’s account. He died on Thursday in a private hospital in Mumbai. He was 59 years old. According to the Times of India, on Wednesday night, suddenly she felt pain in her chest. At that time, he was admitted ...

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Banani rapist Naim’s photo with many celebrities!

rupcare_rapist naim with many celebrities

  Nayeem Ashraf, one of the accused in the case, lodged in the Banani hotel in Banani, has been accused of filing multiple entertainment films in different parts of the country, social media has spread on Facebook. According to the reports published in various media, Halvi, who was born in a common swimmer, cheated after cheating; Crocodile money is now ...

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Shubhasree speaks about fake suicide news


  A news spread from Indian media since morning that Suicide was set on fire by the famous heroine of Indian Bengali film, Shubhashree Ganguly! However, Suvashree survived the danger of trying to help her family members. At the moment, the news spread rapidly around the air. When the heroine heard the information, she was busy shooting Puja of Calcutta ...

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Farhana Nisho speaks about relation with rapist Naim

rupcare_farhana nisho2

  Farhana Nisho was exempted from the private TV channel Ekushey TV. He was the head of the channel’s ceremony. Farhana Shabnam Nisho was dismissed from the job on Wednesday by the authority order. However, many Nishore pictures with Nayeem Ashraf, accused in two university student rape cases, have recently become viral through social media. That is why he is ...

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Bengali film ‘Posto’ is doing very well in times of Bahubali-2 fever

rupcare_indian bangla film posto

  In the box office, in front of Bahubali 2, in 4 days, the business of 1 crore was settled. Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy’s film, after the release on Friday, has made more than Tk 1 crore in the movie, said Distributor Agency. Even the poster performance is better than the former. On May 12, Soumitra, Jesus, Mimi and ...

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Salman-Katrina together again in Dubai hotel!

rupcare_salman katrina together

  Recently, Katrina shared a picture of her own social account, which speculated on the issue. Seeing the picture that Katrina posted on the side of the former boyfriend Salman Khan, many people think that once more the two are approaching! Ice melting relationship According to someone, it is just Ali Abbas Jafar’s Tiger Zinda Haya. I think Salman-Katrina is ...

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Farhana Nisho fired for photo with Banani rapist

rupcare_farhana nisho

  News presenter Farhana Nisho was exempted from the private TV channel Ekushey TV. Farhana Shabnam Nisho was dismissed from the job on Wednesday by the authority order. Head of Human Resources Atiqur Rahman has signed this exemption. Recently, some pictures of Farhana Nisso with Nayeem Ashraf, accused of rape in two university students rape case, spread to social media. ...

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7 actors who refused bahubali!

rupcare_actors who refused bahubali

  Bahubali ‘the whole world suffering from fever. Now everybody has a name Prabhas in the face of every song. The girls started to dream about Prabhas again. But if it was not done, it would not have been so popular with this Prabhas. Unless Hrithik Rajamouli ‘did’. Then he was seen in the place of Prabhas. Hrithik Roshan of ...

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I am not the girl of Banani tragedy: Model Raha

rupcare_model raha

  A Raha-social network victim of the rape of two young girls at Banani’s Reyntory Hotel has been quite embarrassed about the rumor spreading on Facebook, model and actress Raha Tanha Khan. Rape a selfie with rape victim Nayeem Ashraf and pours more ghee into the rumor. In this context, Raha said, ‘Why have such rumors spread? Who do not ...

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Priyanka & The Rock in Miami Beach

rupcare_priyanka & the rock

  Priyanka Chopra’s first Hollywood movie ‘Beawatch’ released on 2th of next month. Piggy Chops is in Miami now in the world premiere. She was present along with other actors and actresses in the film on Saturday. Priyanka was telling her experiences on the sets of journalists. At that time, the actress acted in front of Priyanka in the film ...

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Priyanka’s Miami beach photo got viral on internet

rupcare_priyanka in miami beach

  Casual, Comfortable and Hot. And of course great fashionable. Recently, I had to make an appointment with Priyanka Chopra on the beach. In the movie ‘Beawatch’, without wearing such a dress, but the small beach in Miami Beach, the picture of Priyanka is blowing the storm in the social media. Priyanka went on to spend time with the model ...

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