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Salman gone behind of Hero Alom!


  Are you surprised! Do not be surprised or why not? Because, where is the hero of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Alam. Ironically, however, the discussion of a sudden you have a place to come back well in Bogra hero Salman Alam. Ultimate Indian Indian media report, a Google search was expanded this year, the Indian superstar Salman Khan’s ...

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Apu is in Shiliguri


  Apu Biswas is the counting of muddy water. She is the mother of this is going to be heard, immediately coming to the wedding. However, the director did not want to manatajura concerned about Rahman Akbar, G Sarkar, Abdul Mannan and kayasarara word. One secret report that they have found out the film schedule phamsiye APU Siliguri now. They ...

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Kangana Ranaut didn’t get real love in her life


  Bollywood ‘Queen’ as he was known. Purechena holds several national awards in his career so far. But the controversial actress Kangana Ranaut personal life. Actor Hrithik Roshan with love, loss, and the complaint has been filed. Confide in a ceremony in New Delhi, he said. He shoveled find true love forever. But love, rather than just being humiliated. Lived ...

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Priyanka Chopra Pregnant!


  She pregnant anyway? Slightly bloated stomach when you see all these actresses around kautuhalata head goes up! In fact, proper physical beauty of the heroine we used to watch all the time! We have come to see Priyanka on her long slim feed! So when UNICEF presented at a ceremony held amtosato ekaposaka a little swelling in his stomach, ...

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Anil Kapoor New Hair Style


  The cuts, cutting night. His mother contemporary heroines. Anil Kapoor is not only increasing age. Founded heroine girl, boy photo Offer is easing. But the ageless father. The 59-year-old, who has hair clips, Mumbai tapori language, which is a word, rocks. Anil is now in the hands of a lot of work. Perhaps to show why they are very ...

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Deepika is the most attractive woman


  Asia has topped the list of attractive women Bollywood star Deepika Padukone. The top spot is occupied by another Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, four behind Deepika won the title for the first time. According to a report in The Indian Express, the UK-based media, such as Eastern Eye also stated, “has published a list of attractive Asian omena. Asian ...

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Why people doing fun with Apu’s marriage


  Apu Biswas dhallywood popular heroine suddenly began brawl at the wedding, the news on social media. Beyond the world of the Internet, “also became the talk of the sobija. Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas was now surrounded by all gunjanai. However, the news of her marriage caura with one another. The news spread at the speed of electricity. Jitu event ...

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Shuvasree wants to start 2nd Innings after Deb


  How do you say may be clinging memories of the old people? Moreover, there is one thing to see! Once done with the simple relationship praktanera place gradually after the pain is normal! Most people back a few days later he fell in love with the new. That is what happens with Ganguly Das? Difficult to say! However, at ...

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Actress Model Shimana Becomes Mother


  Pervez Sajjad singer and actress teamed the 014 rooms in love. The couple has a son lights the room. December 11, Sunday afternoon from 1 to 30 minutes in the city’s central hospital, gave birth to the son. The happy news Pervez Sajjad said, “God be exalted! Today begotten son. The court millions of thanks for the praise of ...

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Priyanka’s Career May End


  What is Priyanka’s Hollywood career crisis? Many say, Hollywood soon starring Dwayne Johnson is going to release his first film beoyaca. Koyantiko success of the series, the presence of several awards ceremony to highlight, once again in the midst of a career crisis is room for reading! Koyantiko buzz around the series. After the enormous success of the first ...

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Happy’s film will release on February


  Visitors are coming in the new year as the heroine hyapike Naznin Akter. The name of the movie ‘real man’. In contrast, the film Happy newbie actor bracelets. Starring the aliraja, Amit Hasan others. The film will be released nationwide on February 17 . The name of the first film, “riyelamyana was. Later it was changed to “real people”. ...

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Where is actress Moyuri now


  She came to Dhaka in the late nineties film actress. Katapisa film actress was most needs. Then, willingly or unwillingly, several pornographic film actress, this actress can be seen. Behind much of the land went back to the track of healthy film actress. He glossed film itself. Silver cut out of the world how his day? It is known ...

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Joya Ahsan Funny on Marriage!


  Kolkata, one after another national prize-winning film actress Jaya Ahsan has said. Great acting, he is now very popular in Calcutta sarbamahale. The Jaya or the ‘trees’ Who will marry! Today, beyond this brief interview has been published in the popular daily anandabajare. What is the matter? Kaushik Ganguly’s ‘abandonment’ film dabinye saw her acting has surprised many. Some ...

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Himesh resamiya’s marriage going to an end


  Music star, composer and actor Himesh resamiya his wife and family, and will not be soft. They are seeking to end a two-year-long marriage. The Times of India confirmed, Bandra Family Court yesterday, Himesh has applied for a divorce. Events that may occur to guess who it was before. Because he was living separately in the last few months ...

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RAEES Trailer hit on Youtube


  Rais was finally released after a long excuse of the trailer. The uproar has left atmaprakasei different quarters. View trailer was released on YouTube in an hour and a half million exceeded the border. King Khan himself is still the way to the top of the career break has been rebuilt, it is definitely worthy of admiration. Rais of ...

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