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Mithila speaks about divorce

rupcare_mithila speaks about divorce

  The popular star pair Tahsan Mithila has been divorced in May. But they were not open to the issue. Last year, they worked together in several plays in Ramadan. It is known that for a long time they tried to meet the ‘trouble’ between them, but in the end they did not see the face of the light. This ...

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How Tahsan-Mithila love story begun

rupcare_how tahsan mithila love starts

  Then they were both students of Dhaka University. After the day of love, Tahsan was calling Mithila after leaving a flower at the door of the house. During the university’s reading, a meritorious student, Tahsan, became known as the vocalist Tahsan. Identity with Mithila at that time Mithila goes to Tahsan’s house with a friend, in a task. Tahsan ...

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Tahsan-Mithila Divorce!

rupcare_tahsan mithila divorce

  Eventually the media para rumors became true. The country’s popular star pair Tahsan-Mithila is going to be divorced officially Today, on Thursday 20th July, Tahsan officially divorced the issue of his divorce from his VeriPaypage. He wrote, we have been separated for several months. We’ve been thinking about the issue for a long time. Finally, I decided to stay ...

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Little Puja is now attractive heroine of Nurzahan film

rupcare_puja cherry

  Child artist Pooja Cheri has been finalized for acting as the heroine of this year’s 2nd film. Puja was read in the ninth grade of Cantonment Girls Public School in Dhaka. Puri Cherry has signed contracts in two films. Pujara was named as the heroine of photo 2 on April 6. Rowshan will play against her. New work comes ...

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Niloy speaks about his divorce news on media

rupcare_shokh niloy divorce

  For a few days, local media has spread the news about the separation of the star couple from the neighborhood. The statement of Neil is also being published to make the news credible. But Nilay did not have any say in this matter with the media. Criticizing the media on its VeriPhide Facebook account, Nilaya has given a status. ...

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How Bhumi Pednekar lose 21 Kg weight in just 4 months

rupcare_bhumi weight loss

  Akshay Kumar and Bhoomi Peedniker’s latest movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Talk’ is now Bollywood’s talk of the town. More than 10 million times more than the first day of the movie’s trailer release. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been praising the movie fivefold Along with Akshay, the role of Landkadykar is also widely acclaimed. Do you think that ...

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Aishwarya likes young boy as her lover!

rupcare_aishwarya's lover

  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will love the younger one! Little boyfriend or Rishundari loved the age But this is not real; In the film ‘Fannay Khan’, he will be seen in this role. In the last ‘Aya Dil Hai Mushkil’, Aishwarya was seen opposite Ranbir Kapoor in the film. There was enough noise on such a unique pair. But their ...

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Actress Richi preparing for 2nd baby in USA

rupcare_actress richi

  Popular TV actress Rita Faria Richie of Bangladesh In 2008, he was away from acting in a distance. But the acting goes beyond what it is. Richie could not leave. Repeatedly came back to acting. Her husband comes home to America and starts coming to Bangladesh. One time he started to live permanently. But shortly after that, there was ...

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Shokh-Niloy divorce is just matter of time

rupcare_shokh niloy divorce

  Finally, the relationship between the bride and groom is going to be broken. The two will soon become formal divorced. Facebook’s Relationship Relationships on Facebook created the first question. Then begins the rumor of the divorced couple But that buzz is not entirely true, but now it is in the way of the truth. On January 7, 2015, the ...

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Kohli-Anushka at grocery store in USA

rupcare_kohli anushka in grocery shop

  India finished the West Indies tour with the only Twenty20 match on Sunday. Indian captain Virat Kohli went to the United States to take a vacation with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who did not return home after the tour. There, this couple was seen busy spending time shopping in grocery stores. Kohli and Anushka are seen to buy a ...

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Malati waiting for customer : Role in a new tv drama


  Malati is a prostitute, growing up in a righteous mother’s house. There is no person to earn income in the world. So beautiful, leave the normal life and write the name of prostitutes. Sometimes the streets, people of all walks of life at home or in a hotel next to the railway line is to live the night with ...

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Actress Bhabna got marriage proposal from a fan!

rupcare_bhabna marriage

  ‘Bhankarka Sunder’ heroine Ashna Habib got the offer of marriage from the devotee. The actress’s first film to be released on August 4. On this occasion, Facebook came to Live on Thursday night. The surroundings of the film, as well as the story of their expectations and answers, answered the questions of the devotees. During the live, a thought ...

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Does Nausin married again?

rupcare_naushin marriage

  Actress Nausin Nahrin Mou is going to marry again. But this marriage is not in reality. Nausheen’s wedding will be shown in a serial of the comedy 420 series. In the play directed by Faridul Hasan, the character of Naushin is named Elina. On Wednesday (July 12), Nausin himself started shooting during the play Facebook Id has published a ...

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Bollywood such a place where nothing happen without give & take

rupcare_bollywood give and take

  Yami Gautam has made a strong position in Bollywood very briefly. ‘Sanam Re’, ‘Kaabil’, ‘Sarkar Three’ have worked in great success. Recognizing her, she has recently received the ‘Women’s Achievement Award’ by the Indian Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great delight to see Yami. She also said some truth about Bollywood and her career, which usually actresses do not ...

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Finally Sonam Kapur getting married

rupcare_sonam kapur marriage

  Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor too is getting married soon. She is going to get married to Anand Ahuja, the boyfriend. Anon Aharon’s relationship with Sonam is known to all about this actress family. So the family members want to marry, as soon as possible. But Sonam is taking a little time to happily get married, the report said. In ...

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